Sf Opt Meal Ck Dough

Controls hunger up to 4 hours. Naturally & artificially flavored. 220 calories. Meal on-the-go bars. 7 g protein. 2 g fiber. Milk chocolate flavored coating. At Slim-Fast, we believe that everyone has a right to their right body. With Slim-Fast, you can find the weight and size that is right for you. Slim-Fast products help control calories and your hunger, and the Slim-Fast Plan provides balanced nutrition which lets you enjoy a variety of foods, so it's easier to stay motivated, lose weight, and find your slim! Slim-Fast Bars give me the energy and the results I am so very proud of. - Lonie K. A sample day on the Slim-Fast Plan to follow, simply replace combine dine and snack. Replace at breakfast start the day right with a Slim-Fast meal on-the-go shake or bar. Morning snack enjoy a serving of fruit and a Slim-Fast snack. Combine at lunch Slim-Fast Meal on-the-go shake or bar, plus 200 calories of your favorite healthy foods. Afternoon snack nibble on a serving of fruit or veggies and a Slim-Fast snack. Dine with a sensible dinner choose a healthy, balanced meal. Evening snack treat yourself to a calorie-controlled snack and fruit. After you have achieved your weight loss goal, keep the weight off with one Slim-Fast Meal a day, your sensible eating habits and daily physical activity. Return to the weight loss plan if you start regaining the weight. If you want to lose weight & are under 18, pregnant, nursing, following a diet recommended by a doctor, have health problems such as diabetes, or want to lose more than 30 lbs., see a doctor before starting this or any diet. Do not lose more than 2 pounds a week after the first week. Rapid weight loss may cause health problems. Do not use as a sole source of nutrition. Eat at least 1,200 calories a day. Did you know? Slim-Fast is a proven approach to weight loss, with over 35 published clinical studies designed & conducted by independent researchers. One Slim-Fast Optima Meal Bar provides the balanced nutrition of a meal, including a good source of protein, antioxidant vitamins C & E, and 30% of the daily value for calcium.