Freshpet Dog Joy Bones, Fresh, Crunchy, Brown Rice

Treats for dogs. Fresh bones. 100% all natural. Long lasting. Fresh from the fridge. Real chicken baked inside. Dog Joy Fresh Bones - thank for all the joy he brings into your life. When you see your dog excitedly bounding to meet you or contently gnawing on his favorite toy, you can't help but smile. This is Dog Joy the infectious joy that dogs bring into our lives. Dogs shameless enthusiasm and quirky character makes them irresistible sidekicks and priceless friends. Luv: You love your dog and he loves you. Treat him to a delicious duo of real chicken bakes inside a crunchy brown rice bone. Brr: To maintain freshness, quality and taste. Return this bag to the refrigerator within 20 minutes after treat time. Use contents of pouch within 14 days of opening. Yum: Naturally simple, naturally delicious. We never use any preservatives, artificial colors or by-products. No added sugar or salt. Our great taste comes from great ingredients! 100% all natural - long lasting - no corn, wheat or soy. Calorie Content (Calculated): Metabolizable Energy (ME) 3,100 kcal/kg, 245 kcal per bone. Fun for you, safe for them! Watching dogs play is always a joy, so please keep an eye on your dog when feeding any bone or chew. Feed on an easy to clean surface to keep everyone happy. If your dog takes more than two hours to chew, please return the remainder to the fridge so your dog can enjoy it another time. Freshpet Foundation: Dedicated to helping pets live long and healthy lives. Made in the USA.