Johnson's Moisturizing Baby Lotion with Honey & Apple, 16.9 fl. oz

Johnson's Skin Nourish Sweet Apple Lotion provides gentle hydration for your little one’s skin. Specially designed for baby’s delicate skin, this moisturizing baby lotion helps skin maintain its natural moisture balance while also conditioning and hydrating,leaving skin feeling soft and smooth. Enriched with honey and apple extract for a light fragrance, thisCLINICALLY Proven Mildness formula helps keep your baby’s skin moisturized for a full 24 hours. This hypoallergenic baby lotion is dermatologist- and pediatrician tested, 100% gentle, and free of dyes, parabens and phthalates. Johnson's Skin Nourish Sweet Apple Lotion can be used as part of a regular skin care routine by massaging onto skin after a bath or any time baby has dry skin. 16.9-fl. oz bottle of baby moisturizing lotion enriched with honey and apple extract Moisturizing baby lotion helps maintain skin’s natural moisture balance and conditions and hydrates baby’s skin Our baby dry skin lotion is made with honey and apple extract for a light, gentle fragrance 100% gentle & free of dyes, parabens & phthalates Pediatrician-tested and perfectly pH-balanced for baby’s delicate skin This baby body lotion is mild and gentle enough for babies, and is suitable for the whole family Designed with input from moms like you, our baby body lotion is also free of harsh fragrances