Clairol Hydrience Moisture-Lock Color Creme, Dark Ash Blonde 18

Level 3 Permanent. Sandalwood. Lush, radiant color. Long-lasting color & shine. Covers even resistant gray. Triple moisturizing formula. Discover color that's good for you - Hydrience with Triple Moisturizing Color Shine Conditioner. Hydrience doesn't dry out your hair. It saturates every strand with color so lush and radiant, your color shines true from the day you color until the next day you color. No color penetrates deeper to last longer - even on resistant gray. Moisture-Lock Color Creme: Pamper your hair with a deep moisturizing color creme that saturates each strand with radiant color - color so moisturizing you'll feel the difference. Triple Moisturizing Color Shine Conditioner: This conditioning treatment infuses hair with three luxurious moisturizers for complete protection against drying. Hair will feel soft and silky, and the color will radiate with shine. Professional Colorist Gloves: Professional gloves make expert color application easy. Hydrience - Deep moisturizing color. Hydrience Color Guide: The shade guide on the package shows the color you will achieve with 18 Sandalwood (Dark Ash Blonde). Your color results are a combination of your natural starting color and Sandalwood. If you are currently using haircolor, select a shade within 1-2 shades of your current color. If you wish to make a more dramatic change, please call your personal color consultant at 1-800-CLAIROL. On gray (salt/pepper) hair, Sandalwood will appear lighter on your gray than on your non-gray hair, giving a natural highlighted effect. On natural red hair, Sandalwood will give you a lighter red result. This Package Contains: Moisture-Lock Color Creme; Moisturizing Developer; Triple Moisturizing Color Shine Conditioner; Professional Colorist Gloves; Bi-Lingual Instructions.