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Grocery Delivery Within 5 Miles
Phelps Market is excited to announce the new Grocery Delivery program, where community members can call the grocery store and order their groceries over the phone to be delivered. This helps those who are unable to travel for any reason or for the people who just missed an item or two from their grocery list and don't want to get back out!

Please provide the following
information for each item:

1. Product type/name.
2. Preferred brand name.
3. Size/quantity.

If any item requested is not in stock, we will call the provided phone number to discuss. Due to Federal Regulations, Food Stamps or WIC Vouchers cannot be accepted for these programs.
To expedite the ordering process, fax orders to 865-2138, and then call 865-3892 to confirm that your order has been received.

• Coupons are not accepted at this time.
• Grocery list sample is available at

sample shopping list

order fax form .pdf

Call Ahead Shopping

Grocery Delivery within 5 miles of Phelps Market.

Available weekdays between
10am and 2pm

Call 865-3892 and ask to place an order for grocery delivery.

Pay by check, cash upon delivery or credit/check card at time of order.

Provide address for delivery at time of order.

Please allow maximum of 3 hours for your order to be gathered, processed and delivered.

FEE: $10 to be added to form of payment.